wow i love dorks

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Hey, Kaneki! How long are you gonna stay home?!
Hey, you, Kaneki! How long are you gonna skip class, you jerk?!
"Yes, really! Do you swing that way?"

What is love? baby, don’t hurt me


Je suis un Homme - Zazie


The Hobbit cast


I was gonna draw a merman

but instead it turned into humanoid vaporeon

with freckles



I showed this picture to my mom and she explained me this. “Kids today don’t watch cartoons as much, when you were little you were addicted to cartoons. Nowadays there are so many social media sites and games that kids aren’t interested in cartoons anymore. Even at your age ( I’m 17) you still watch and enjoy watching cartoons because that’s how you grew up. While your sisters aren’t that interested in them because they have their electronic devices. That’s why cartoon network went from having a variety of cartoons to watch daily, to a select few that are now aired.”

this makes me so sad

1/ ? Free! 500px gifs [re-started]


woops sorry for the bad quality pictures, but my phone is extremely old sooo


  1. The giveaway ends on 14 August 2014, 10pm (GMT+8)
  2. There will be two winners - both must be willing to share with me their addresses; if neither replies within 3 days, a new winner will be selected.
  3. you don’t need to be following me because there’s no need to. Following and unfollowing after the giveaway isn’t cool tho ya sly dig
  4. I ship internationally!


First winner

  1. a Hetalia art stella book
  2. Two Hetalia folders of their choices
  3. Any doujinshi on Otaku Republic sent in by me (spending limit is $25, go crazy :’o )
  4. A quick doodle of their otp

Second winner

  1. Two Hetalia folders after the first winner finishes picking their choices
  2. Any doujinshi on Otaku Republic sent in by me (spending limit is $20 ^^; )
  3. Quick doodle of any character they want

A quick note that if you’re my friend there’s probably a secret gift thrown in for you!

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So have fun!